Fear of Flying Course helps nervous passengers beat their fear of flying

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Nearly 1 in 6 of us have some sort of anxiety about flying. However, you CAN beat your fear of flying in just one day, thanks to the fabulous team at Flight Simulators Midlands.

We caught up with Captain Chris Rigby who has helped many people over the years. From those who are just a bit uncomfortable to those who are terrified about stepping onto a plane.

Fear of Flying Course - Captain Chris Rigby and Nuts
Captain Chris Rigby and Nuts

He said: “Most people would be surprised to know that per mile travel in the UK, you are seven times more likely to get killed on a train that you are in a plane. Yet, most people would never think twice about getting on a train.

He then talked about cars and explained: “You are 750,000 times more likely to get killed in your car driving to and from the airport than on the aircraft itself“.

The Fear of Flying course takes places at Coventry Aeroplane Club and is designed for small groups. The course usually takes place on a Sunday, between 9.15am and 4pm.

Our interview with Captain Chris Rigby

What’s involved?

As part of the course, you will look at Psychology, technical, security, and maintenance, as well as anything else you want to talk about. That’s not all, you also get the chance to experience a quick flight in one of the flight simulators.

The Fear of Flying Course costs £150 and that includes lunch and soft refreshments.

Captain Chris Rigby added: “A flight should be part of your holiday experience so it’s a shame if you’re sitting there in a bag of nerves“.

More information?

For more information call Captain Chris Rigby on 08454 747 737, or visit the Flight Simulators Midlands (FSM) website – www.flyfsm.co.uk