Gelli Baff turns your bath water into Blue Goo

Gelli Bath Review | Zimpli KidsGELLI BAFF IS AMAZING!

Gelli Baff Review. Zimpli Kids have kindly sent us the hit slime toy Gelli Baff. The amazing powder magically turns your bath water into thick Lagoon Blue Goo.

The colourful goo is also available in four different colours (red, blue, green and pink). After your kids have finished playing in the Gelli Baff, you simply turn it back to water again. This is done using a special dissolver powder. It’s magical.


Gelli Bath is 100% safe, non-irritant with no nasty harmful chemicals. It’s also environmentally safe and 100% degradable. 

You can even use this product as part of a relaxing foot spa to make your feet lovely and soft. It works a treat!


Many customers have posted a Gelli Baff review on Amazon and they’re so positive.

“Amusing experience for the kids
We love this stuff
My kids absolutely loved it

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Zimpli Kids

Zimpli Kids are a young, vibrant company who design, manufacture, market and supply some of the most unique and innovative children’s toy products on the market.

Nearly 6 Billion views on YouTube

In just over two years, their products Gelli BaffSlime BaffSlime Blaster and SnoBalls have clocked up well nearly 6 Billion views on YouTube.  They are averaging a staggering 5.5 million new views EVERY DAY which works out to be around 65 new views EVERY SECOND of EVERY DAY.