iStorage datAshur Pro USB is water, dust, tamper and crush resistant!

datAshur-ProA big thanks to the fab team at iStorage who sent us a laser-etched iStorage datAshur Pro USB – a tamper, dust, water and even crush-resistant USB flash drive.

The datAshur Pro has plug and play simplicity, and it’s totally compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Android, to name a few! Well done iStorage for this great feature!

In true secret agent style, simply tap in your personal 7-15 PIN code using the unique keypad. What’s good about this, you can not only have the main admin PIN but an individual user PIN too.

In less than a second after your PIN has been accepted, you’ll get the green light to show the superfast USB has been unlocked. It’s then ready to use. It has a timeout lock, and will automatically lock when unplugged.

This superfast datAshur Pro USB 3.0 has a military-grade encryption. All data transferred is encrypted in real-time so you can rest assured that your documents are protected from unauthorised access, even if your datAshur Pro is lost or stolen.

iStorage datashur Pro USBThe iStorage datAshur Pro also protects your data with a “Brute Force Hack Defence Mechanism”.

Guaranteed with a 3-year warranty, the datAshur Pro is an investment that will last for years. Its rugged, extruded aluminium, waterproof casing protects the drive against physical damage. The internal drive components are also sealed with a tamper-proof coating.

For more information, visit the iStorage website here.

Here’s what Ginger and Nuts had to say about the iStorage datAshur Pro

IStorage DatAshur Pro USB Features

  • OS and platform independent – compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Android, Thin Clients and embedded systems
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3. Certificate Number 2688.
  • NLNCSA Level 2 – certified
  • Capacities of 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB & 64GB*
  • Bootable drive
  • Real-time military grade AES-XTS 256-bit Hardware Encryption
  • Crypto-parameters protected with SHA-256 hashing
  • Tamper evident and resistant
  • Timeout Lock – set to lock after a predetermined amount of time
  • Super-fast USB 3.0
  • Read-Only (Write Protect) & Read/Write mode
  • Read/Write Speeds – 139/43 MBps
  • Guaranteed with a 3-year warranty
  • Works with Smartphones, tablets, Google Chromebooks, thin clients, printers, scanners, CCTV cameras – any device with a USB or USB OTG port
  • PIN activated 7-15 digits – Alphanumeric keypad use a memorable number or word for your PIN
  • Brute Force Hack Defence Mechanism
  • Dust and water resistant durable aluminium housing. Certified to IP57 rating
  • Supports Admin and User-independent PINs
  • Drive reset deletes data, User/Admin PINs, Encryption Key and recovers use of drive
  • Auto-lock
  • No software or drivers required
  • Works with any USB/USB On-The-Go devices
  • Immune to BadUSB
  • Customisation service available