Fancy a different type of snack? Try tasty bags of Chicken Cracking.

We all love Pork Scratchings, but another newcomer is Little Bobby Jebb’s Chicken Crackling. It’s the first of it’s kind and made from the tastiest bits of British Chicken Skin. Simply flavoured, they are free from Gluten, MSG and additives.

Little Bobby Jebb's Chicken Crackling is the first of it's kind.
Chicken Crackling with a hint of Habanero Chilli

They are slightly different to the deep-fried, salted, crunchy pork rind with fat. For starters, they taste much better because they seem lighter. The tasty pieces of British chicken skin can be even warmed up in the oven, making them ideal for dipping into your favourite sauce.

Chicken Crackling is the brainchild of Robert Jebb, a keen cook, and a farmer’s son. He turned adman and took the decision to venture into the unknown and create a new product from scratch and a challenger brand.

The project has taken 5 years and officially launched in February 2018. The Crackling has already been served by Michelin star chef Simon Hulstone on his menu at John Lewis, London.

Bags of Flavour

Little Bobby Jebb’s Chicken Cracking comes in two tasty varieties:-

  • With Salt Salt which really is as natural as you can get. The finest chicken skins cooked and sprinkled with sea salt. Nothing else.
  • With a hint of Habanero Chilli, described by Little Bobby Jebb as “Sweet, crispy Crackling with a bit of a peck to follow”.

Salad Sprinkles

That’s not all. They also do Salad Sprinkles. These are even lighter and can turn your salad, or even cup of soup, into something a little bit more interesting and flavoursome. You’ve got to try it, you’ll be the talk of the pub!

Here’s what we said on our show

A big thanks to Little Bobby Jebb’s for sending us a couple of bags of the Chicken Crackling with a hint of Habenero Chilli. They were delicious and so tasty.

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