#1 Gossip Queen on Harry Potter, Charity Quickies and Shoe Size

Nikky Smart discusses New Harry Potter Movie

This week, our new roving reporter, Nikky Smart, discussed rumours about a new Harry Potter movie. This came after JK ROWLING took to Twitter to share a new picture of the death eater skull and Slytherin House snake.

Sex for Sale at charity shop

Nikky also talked about an Oxfam shop assistant ‘ who offered £40 quickies to customers in the staff room. Former sex worker Zayna Ellemore, 32, allegedly advertised ‘cut-price- 15-minute quick sex for £40’ at the Didsbury store in Manchester, which sells for second-hand clothes, books and bric and brac. Read more about this story here.

Big Feet vs Penis Size

Finally, most people know the phrase “you know what they say about men with big feet”, but Nikky quashed this myth. However, there may be a body part that could be an indicator of your penis size; your toes. Honest! Read more here.

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