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Naughty Nikky has all Quirky Stories!

This week, Nikky updated Ginger and Nuts with the latest quirky stories that caught her eye. She kicked it off with a corker! A massive drug bust at Gatwick turned out to be vegan cake ingredients.

According to The Guardian, “officers were left with egg substitute on their faces after discovery of 25 bags of white powder”.

She also talked about how a group of American tourists bumped into the Queen as she walked around Balmoral– and did not recognise her. The US group also asked her if she lived nearby. Bloody Ridiculous! Check out the story here!

Quirky Stories: Woman chops off her husbands Penis!
Guilty of chopping off his manhood (Picture: Carteret County Sheriff’s Office)

The next story raised eyebrows! It was about how a man’s penis had to be put on ice after his lunatic wife chopped it off with a knife.

She went on to explain that the officer investigating was Major Jason Wank!

But if hearing the name once was not enough for the cheeky presenters, she said, “yes, you heard me correctly, Major Wank”. You can read the full story here.

After the show, Darren said, “I’ve never heard the word ‘wank’ so many times in less than 15 seconds. It was funny though”.

The naughty trio then had a discussion about all the different names you can call a penis. This should have come with a caution. Well worth a listen though!

One of the final stories was about a disappointed dad who found a single wotsit in his packet of crisps. Not to miss a trick, Nuts was quick to say “Wotsit is another name for your todger!”

Finally, more than a Million people in the UK are named after a Disney character. So, she did a quick Top Ten rundown of the most popular names. Don’t worry, our lips are sealed.

Nikky will join Ginger and Nuts next week.

As always, if you come across any stories, drop us an email.

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