Win the Worzel Gummidge Christmas Special on DVD

We have teamed up with Fabulous Films to give away a copy of Worzel Gummidge. “A cup o’ tea an’ a slice o’ cake”, which is set for release on 28 October 2019, priced £5.99. PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY HERE

Worzel Gummidge DVD
Worzel Gummidge DVD

Get to see Jon Pertwee as Worzel Gummidge with his interchangeable heads in this classic Christmas special (also perfect for terrifying the kids at Halloween). Now fully restored from the original film negatives, starring Billy Connolly and Barbara Windsor.

The Christmas Special is named after one of Worzel Gummidge’s catchphrases “A cup o’ tea an’ a slice o’ cake.” Other dubious phrases include “I’ll be bum-swizzled” and “Bozzy MCoo”.


Wily old Worzel looks destined to spend a cold Christmas alone in Ten Acres Field after The Crowman bans him from scarecrow celebrations because he deserts his post. However, Worzel does not stay put for long and as he searches in the snow for Aunt Sally to invite to The Scarecrow Ball.

He meets his old friend Saucy Nancy (Barbara Windsor), travelling on a pirate ship to star in a pantomime. He is challenged to a hilarious sulking contest by a belligerent Scottish Scarecrow, Bogle McNeep (Billy Connolly) who, with his men, is heading back up north because he hates Christmas.

Worzel eventually wins his reprieve from The Crowman and joins in the festive frivolity and fun of The Scarecrow Ball.

Don’t forget it’s set for release from Fabulous Films on 28 October 2019, priced £5.99. PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY HERE

Ginger and Nuts will be talking about Worzel Gummidge on this week’s show.

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Well done to the winners were Yvette Broadbanks, Birmingham and Sarah Whittington, Kent.

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